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Seb, I'm a friend of Christoph's from Sydney. Read your blog and articles when I can, good stuff. Cheers!


Ich lese dein Blog auch sehr gerne, bitte mach weiter! Erstens krieg ich so einen Hauch NYC mit, und zweitens brauche ich Blogs, um mich vom Arbeiten abzuhalten. Liebe Grüße aus Warschau!


bleib online, mann. ich brauch inspiration für meinen blog!


One can tell you are getting busy! I really enjoy your blog and read it as often as I can - don't let other work distract you from this great blog!




Update more often :) Good stuff.


great; I'd love to read more inside information on your work; sitting here in salzburg finishing my diploma thesis is quite boring; by the way, I'd love to make a blog collecting stories by german correspondents aside daily news, maybe something like ard's weltspiegel but by blog; however I don't know if that is possible; I guess you'll try to sell the good stuff to magazines ;-) if you're interested and know some other people, let me know; otherwise, keep on writing; ps: i like your writing style


No one knows what it means, but it's provocative ... It gets the people going!


Keep it up embajador,
You are doing an awesome job!


Würde mich freuen wenn du weiterschreibst. Ich find's interessant die persönliche/intellektuelle Entwicklung anderer Ökonomen zu beobachten.
Dein Ex Uni Kollege Henry


wäre schön wenn du weiterschreiben würdest. enjoy ny!


You definitly should continue your blog!! Great stories, always nice pics. And its excellent that one can download your profil et al stories, especially for those who can't get a hard copy.

Christian Lehner

oh yeah - don´t worry about comments too much, there are so many blogs out there nowadays and they are all fishing for attention (i know what i´m talking about;-)

my wish for this blog: more personal reflection, dude!

Alessandra Bravi

Non chiudere il blog!I was thinking about it today...Voglio scrivere una mail ai miei amici di milano e altri e volevo anche inserire il link del tuo blog cosi' almeno possono vedere cosa fa un gironalista di vienna a New York quando non e' occupato con la morosa!!! Ma poi mi sono ricordata della foto...forse quella andrebbe cambiata, e poi ti meravigli se tutti i gay di New York ci provano!


Weitermachen. Unbedingt. Bitte!


Non smetti scrivere il blog. Ich möchte die artikel, fotos etc. nicht missen.

victor jouvert

Don't shut it down, if you dont write for a while thats ok. I've felt sometimes like stopping but why ? Keep it going man!

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