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I am a journalist from Vienna living in New York City.


I was born in Salzburg, Austria, on August 20, 1977. I studied economics and political science at the University of Vienna, Austria, and the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, Spain, obtaining a Master's degree in economics from the University of Vienna.

In 2000 I entered journalism. Since 2003 I haven been working full-time for "profil" magazine, Austria's most renowned news weekly. For "profil" I covered the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the youth scene in Teheran and the hunt for General Mladic in Serbia, among others, and I did interviews with Samuel Huntington and Amartya Sen.

I have also written for "Die Zeit", "Spiegel Online" (Hamburg), "Tagesspiegel" (Berlin), "FACTS" (Zurich), "Kurier", "Die Presse", "Fleisch", "Datum", ".copy", "Red Bulletin" and "Indie" (Vienna).

I speak German, English and Spanish fluently and Italian not-so-fluently. I have travelled to over 60 countries on all continents.

In April 2006 I moved from Vienna to New York.